November 22, 2022

In this article you will learn what is the best flavored coffee here in 2022-2023. I will be updating list throughout year for new flavored coffee's that I try.


First, I must clarify that I can be biased being associated with Whiskey Morning Coffee. I will recommend some Whiskey Morning flavored coffee's as well as other brands. First, I will educate on how coffee is flavored, and the difference between "natural" and real ingredients flavored coffee. Next, I will show the best real flavored coffee's you can buy in 2022-2023.


Natural vs Real Ingredients Flavored Coffee

Natural Flavored Coffee

If you buy already flavored coffee beans, there is a good chance you are drinking "natural" flavored coffee. Natural flavored coffee can be misleading. Natural flavored coffee is typically an oil that is added to the coffee after roasting.

Oil Flavored Coffee

the coffee is put into a tumbler and mixed with oils to give it aromas and flavors that are created in labs. Once the coffee is done tumbling with the oil, it can also be sprayed with oil flavoring before being packaged. The coffee beans will be oily and have a glossy finish. Most coffee roasters will flavor coffee this way because it is cheap and easier to produce. 

Real Flavored Coffee

I classify real flavored coffee as pure ingredients that don't use soluble    concentrates to alter the flavor of the coffee beans. There is a handful of companies that use real ingredients to flavor their coffee beans. To have a real flavor coffee, roasters will mix spices, botanicals, and pure ingredients directly into the grounds. When using real ingredients, you don't get the oily glossy finish on the coffee beans.  You will also notice on your coffee bag that the ingredients label will have real spices or ingredients listed. With oil flavored coffee you will only see "naturally flavored" for ingredients. 


Whiskey Morning Coffee Flavored Coffee

Real flavored coffee

Whiskey Morning Coffee uses real ingredients to flavor our coffee. We do not have any coffee that uses the "natural" method. On the back of the bag there will be a ingredients label with real spices on it. First, Whiskey Morning Coffee takes freshly roasted arabica coffee beans and mixes them with spices such as: cinnamon, brown sugar, pecans, dehydrated oranges, mint leaves, sage, and more. Whiskey Morning Coffee that contains spices, only comes in ground. The reason for only offering ground coffee is so the spices mix evenly with the coffee. Brew the coffee just like how you brew your other coffees at home. Whiskey Morning Coffee has a new flavored coffee each month and only makes 500 bags of each flavor for the month. All coffee is roasted, packed, and shipped same day.


My Favorite Real Flavored Coffee's 

Sweet Flavored Coffee

1. Cafe De Gringo

gringo Cafe De Olla Coffee

My favorite sweet, flavored coffee is the Cafe De Gringo. The Cafe De Gringo has real cinnamon and Mexican brown sugar in the coffee grounds. 

Mixing Coffee Flavors

When opening your coffee bag, you will get a strong cinnamon aroma. While brewing the coffee will turn to a dark brown sugar aroma. The Cade de Gringo has a low acidic taste with nutty undertones. The cinnamon will be the first flavor that hits the tongue. On the backend of tasting your coffee you will notice a slightly sweet after taste from the brown sugar in the coffee grounds. There is no lingering flavor or artificial taste.

Order Gringo's Cafe De Olla

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2. Let's Get Tropical

Orange and Lemon Coffee

The Let's Get Tropical was fun to try. It is a unique blend of coffee, orange peel, and lemon zest. 

If you hate any acidity in your coffee, the Tropical might not be the blend for you. I bet our Texian Army Brew Coffee would more up your alley.

However, If you don't mind a tad bit of acidity the Tropical is a fun coffee to try. I enjoy brewing the Let's get Tropical cold brew and serving over ice on a hot summer day. 

If you are sick at all, a warm cup of the Let's Get Tropical makes me feel a little better.

Order Let's Get Tropical

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Botanical Coffee

1. Tuturu: Rose Vanilla Coffee

botanical coffee

Tuturu is one of the few other coffee companies that uses real ingredients directly into coffee grounds. Tuturu specializes in botanical flavors. My favorite flavor would be the Rose Vanilla coffee. There are only two ingredients in the coffee: rose pedals and vanilla. The coffee is a nice medium roast coffee with a floral aroma. After brewing, you can taste more of the Madagascar vanilla in the grounds. It is a slight flavor that I enjoy most brewing as a cold brew. 


Smoked Coffee

1. Texian Army Brew

Pecan and Cherry Smoked Coffee

The Texian Army Brew is Whiskey Morning Coffee's #1 selling brew. The Texian is a coffee that is flavored by putting it in a BBQ smoker for 8 hours. The coffee is cold smoked using pecan and cherry wood. There are not ingredients in the Texian army coffee because nothing is added to the coffee. The coffee is roasted and then placed on perforated sheets that go into a BBQ smoker for 8 hours before being packaged.

Order Texian Army Brew

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2. Gentleman's Brew (Scotch and Peat Smoked)

The Gentleman's Brew was one of the favorite coffee's here at Whiskey Morning Coffee. If you're a fan of a good scotch the Gentleman's Brew is a must. 

Scotch and Peat Smoked Coffee

The first step in creating the Gentleman's Brew is the Scotch infusion. The green (raw) coffee beans were aged with scotch before roasting. After aging, the beans were then taken out and roasted to a medium roast. 

The Next stop, and most important step, was the peat smoked finish on the coffee. We imported peat logs from Ireland and cold smoked the coffee for 4 hours. 

The Gentlemans Brew was one of the Coffee of the Months and available in January.

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3.  Summer Moon Coffee

Summer moon coffee is a roaster that uses oak wood to actually roast their coffee beans. Summer Moon has a range of light roast to espresso all being roasted using real wood. The coffee has a very slight smoke flavor. If you are looking for a coffee that has a slight smoke or wood flavor, then try Summer Moon out.  


Barrel Aged Coffee

1. Whiskey Morning Coffee

Whiskey Morning Coffee

Whiskey Morning Coffee's original flavor was its barrel aged coffee. This is a coffee that is aged in recently dumped bourbon barrels. Whiskey Morning Coffee is unique in the way that they are directly related to Sledge Distillery. Whiskey Morning Coffee is on the same property as Sledge Distillery. Being on the same property allows Whiskey Morning Coffee to have same day fresh whiskey and bourbon barrels. The barrel aged blend is a medium roast coffee that has a natural sweetness and no bitterness. When brewing the coffee, you will get the bourbon aroma. While drinking the coffee, you will get more of the oak barrel taste with a sweet undertone. This is a great coffee if you like whiskey or bourbon, an easy to drink black coffee, or great cold brew.

Order Barrel Aged Coffee

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2. Cabana Coffee Company

Cabana Coffee is a small batch roaster that has a pretty nice barrel aged coffee. They use a south American coffee bean that blends well with the aging process. I have only ever seen their barrel aged coffee on Amazon. When you go to the website the barrel aged is not in their store. I have ordered two bags on Amazon. Both bags from Cabana were good, but the first bag was fresher then the second. 


3. Coopers Cask Coffee 

If you like a more acidic style coffee then I would try Coopers. Acidic style coffee isn't my style, but if you are into that you would probably like Coopers Cask Coffee. I ordered a sample pack from Amazon that includes 4 different barrel aged coffees. Coopers also has a wine cask coffee. 


Robust Flavor

1. Louisiana Bayou

Louisiana Bayou

The Louisiana Bayou is a great twist on a Louisiana classic. The Louisiana Bayou is a medium/dark roast coffee that has freshly ground chicory and cayenne pepper mixed into the coffee grounds. 

The chicory gives the coffee a bold and silky taste. The cayenne pepper is not spicy, but instead, brings out all the flavor of the coffee and chicory. There is a very slight spice from the cayenne on the back of the throat.

The Louisiana Bayou was a seasonal Coffee of the Month flavor at Whiskey Morning Coffee. It was only available for February. If it is after February, send a email to

Order Louisiana Bayou here: REAL Flavored Coffee of the Month: Gentleman's Brew - Whiskey Morning Coffee

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I am happy to share my favorite flavored coffee's. I hope that you learned the difference between natural flavored coffee, and real ingredients coffee. As you can see there is a lot of variety when it comes to flavored coffee. From personal experience, there will be some you love and some that aren't for you. Either love or not, it's fun to switch up the morning coffee routine. If you try a Whiskey Morning Coffee flavored coffee and don't like it, let me know and we will make it right.





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