REAL Flavored Coffee of the Month

This subscription-only option sends you a new, unique flavor each month.

You can adjust or cancel your subscription any time. Our coffee is crafted with real, dehydrated ingredients, never any artificial flavorings or oils.

Only 500 bags of each flavor are produced. Coffee is solely ground due to the mix-in of real ingredients.

Coffee can be brewed using any methods, though French press or a percolator are recommended.



Run For The Roses

 The May Coffee of the Month is a light roast Indonesian coffee.

The Run For The Roses is in honor of the big horse race and the mint julip cocktails that are consumed during the race.

We take dried mint leaves and juniper berries and add them directly into the coffee grounds.  

The Run For The Roses has a fresh aroma when brewing. When drinking the coffee you will notice a slight mint taste with a very mellow juniper aftertaste. 

As we come into warmer weather the Run for the Roses is a great morning coffee. Great fresh seasonal brew. 


Coffee Flavor:  Mint, Silky Smooth, Berry

Coffee Aroma: Fresh Spring Morning



Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Alice Perryman
Interesting but delightful flavors

I did not expect to really love this coffee, but I did. I found the mint just a hint of flavor and it was not overwhelming. It was amazing to me that it was so tasty and not overpowering, as mint can so often be.

Jo Wester
Love flavored coffee

It’s one of my favorite flavors! Keep up the great work’

Autumn van Wageningen
Good coffee!

Feb's coffee, cayenne and hickory was AMAZING!!! The others have not been my favorite, but the coffee itself is good even if you aren't a fan of the flavors in it that month! There are a few of us at work that all subscribe and then chat about it each month. And everyone has had a different favorite so far, so there is something for everyone! Also - GREAT customer service!!!

Candido Garcia III
April’s Coffee of the Month

Great flavor of Smokey pecans and sweetness!

Make it permanent!

The Pecan flavored coffee was so good! Please make this a permanent fixture from WMC.

The Coffee of Texas.

Roasted for the Common Folk