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Louisiana Bayou

Louisiana Bayou is Whiskey Morning Coffee's, Coffee of the Month for February. The Louisiana Bayou takes two key ingredients found in Louisiana/creole dishes and adds them directly in the coffee grounds. I am sure you have heard of Louisiana style coffee before, but you have never had anything like this.


Step 1: Type of Coffee

The Louisiana Bayou uses a Brazilian specialty grade coffee. The Brazilian coffee bean has a nutty and bold flavor. The coffee is roasted to a nice medium/dark roast. The coffee has a natural nutty flavor with low acidity. 


Step 2: Chicory

Like they say, "you can't play in Texas if you don't have a fiddle in the band." 

The same could be said with Louisiana coffee. You can't call it a Louisiana coffee if it doesn't have chicory in it. 

Freshly Ground Chicory

After roasting, the second step was to take freshly ground chicory and mix into the coffee grounds. Chicory has a unique taste and will make the coffee taste bolder. Chicory originated from being a coffee substitute that was cheaper, and therefor mixed into coffee grounds. People decided they prefer the flavor the chicory gives the coffee when brewed.


Step 3: Cayenne Pepper

The third and last step in creating the Louisiana Bayou is cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper is used across numerous dishes in Louisiana. We have never heard of a coffee that put cayenne pepper in the grounds. 

Cayenne Coffee

The Louisiana Bayou has just a pinch of cayenne pepper mixed into the coffee grounds. The cayenne is not meant to make the coffee spicy, but instead, brings out the flavor of the Brazilian coffee and chicory while adding a slight Louisiana twist. You can taste the cayenne pepper in the coffee slightly on the back of your throat. 



Louisiana Bayou is just in time for Mardi Gras. If you like a chicory style coffee, you need to try this coffee. It is a slight twist on the Louisiana classic that will make going back to regular chicory coffee a challenging task. 

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Patrick Daugherty
Patrick Daugherty

April 30, 2024

Love this particular blend, want more

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