Behind the Texian Army Brew

Behind the Texian Army Brew

January 16, 2020

Texian Army Brew

The Texian Army brew was crafted straight from the heart of the founders back ground as hunting and fishing guides.

3 of the 5 founders guide In Texas, Montana, Alaska and Colorado. During their time North, the boys learned a lot about smoking fish. One of the most unique meathods of smoking they learned was Alaska cold smoking.

Shortly after starting WMC it became evident that people were diggin the brew! For a year WMC was at the drawing board finding the right beans with a unique flavor to provide the customers a non barrel aged brew for drip coffee.

After determining the blend of coffee the boys began trying different woods to smoke the coffee.  Flash forward a year and WMC launched the Texian Army Brew: a Bold, Dark Roasted Coffee.  The brew is fire roasted with Pecan wood and finished with a cherry cold smoke. With the Texian Army Brew you get a sweet, bold, and hint of smoky coffee.

Behind the name "Texian Army"

The blends name Texian Army came from the Texas Revolution.

The Texian army was the "Army of the People" a militia that formed to fight for Texas indpendence. The members of the Texian Army were farmers, bankers, and outlaws. The Texian Army had little rules and was willing to risk it all if need be.

Simply put, The Texian Army Brew had no rules, It has some damn character to it, and its a coffee that's made for the majority of Americans who brew drip coffee.

The Texian Army Brew is:

"The Coffee of Texas.

The Coffee of the People" 

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