January 13, 2023

January's Coffee of the Month

Gentleman's Brew

The January Coffee of the Month is the gentleman's brew. The Gentleman's is a scotch and peat smoked coffee. In this article you will learn how the coffee takes on the scotch and peat flavor, as well as a review on what it tastes like.
gentlemans brew

How it's Made

Scotch Aged

The first step in the process for the Gentleman's Brew was to take the green coffee beans and infuse them with scotch. We chose a scotch that had sweeter tones and not to peaty. The coffee infused for 48 hours before the beans were taken out and dried. 


Before roasting the whole 500 bags, we did a sample roast of a light, medium, medium/dark, and dark roast. After tasting all the roast, it was a unanimous decision that the medium roast was the best! The medium roast allowed all the scotch notes to come out without being too acidic. 

Roasting Coffee

After we decided on the medium roast, we sent out 12 samples to some of our most loyal customers. The feedback from customers was great. we had a couple people ask if we could take it a slight bit darker. We adjusted the roast by 10 seconds and that made all the difference. The coffee is still a medium roast, but the extra 10 seconds gave it more of those earthy notes you would expect from a scotch coffee.

Peat Cold Smoked

One of the biggest steps in creating the Gentleman's Brew was the Peat cold smoke. To date this is the only coffee that is smoked with real peat logs. 

Peat Logs

Peat is used in Ireland and Scotland to cook, and heat homes. Specific to scotch, peat is what's used to smoke the malted barley. The peat used to smoke the malted barley is what gives scotch such a distinctive taste. 



After roasting the coffee, the beans then went into the cold smoker for 4 hours. We imported real peat logs from Ireland to use for the smoking process. 


How it Taste

 This is going to sound crazy, but each of us here like the Gentleman's better than our original bourbon barrel aged coffee. It might be because we have been drinking the original for 4 years. I will say this though there is only 500 bags of the Gentleman's and I bought 5 of them to drink at the house. 

Coffee Aroma

After brewing the coffee, you will get a very slight scotch smell blended with a deep forest smell. 

Coffee taste

On the first sip, you get the scotch right on the tongue. As you continue to drink the coffee the earthy peat taste come through. I really enjoyed the coffee best after I let it sit in my cup for a couple minutes. 


Cold Brew Taste

After brewing hot I tried the Gentleman's Brew as a cold brew. When brewing cold brew, the peat notes come through strong. For my taste the peat was a little strong. I took the rest of my cold brew and made an iced cocktail with the cold brew and a shot of scotch. The cocktail was great, and the peat did not seem overpowering.


Overall, this coffee was awesome! I am really sad that it is gone after January. If it is not to late go over and get you one right now. If you don't like it, I will buy it from you!

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