March 09, 2023

March Coffee of the Month

The March Coffee of the Month has a citrus twist to it. The Coffee is called, "Let's get Tropical" and has a beautifully designed bag. Whiskey Morning Coffee is only making 500 bags of the Let's Get Tropical blend and will no longer be for sale after March. 

Order Let's get Tropical: REAL Flavored Coffee of the Month: Let's Get Tropical - Whiskey Morning Coffee

Let's Get Tropical

Coffee Roast:

The Let's Get Tropical coffee blend starts out with a Brazilian coffee bean. We chose to use a Brazilian coffee due to its low acidity. We knew that the orange and lemon would add an acidic tone to the coffee so we wanted to use a coffee bean that would balance that out. 

The Brazilian coffee was roasted to a little over a medium roast. Comparing to other Whiskey Morning Coffee blends, I would say that this roast is a little darker than the Common Joe, but lighter than the Texian.


Orange Peel:

After the coffee is roasted that's when the tropical flavor gets added. The coffee has real dried orange peels mixed into the coffee grounds. The dried orange peel is the main flavor added to the coffee.

Orange peel has a slight orange taste with a refreshing finish. The Orange is not going to punch you in the face with flavor, but is more of a underlying complement to the coffee. 

The taste of the orange was great in the coffee but brought a little bit of a bitter aftertaste. Due to the bitterness, we added a pinch of pure can sugar to the coffee grounds. Just a bit a sugar added to the coffee took out all the bitterness that came from the orange peels.


Lemon Zest:

The second flavor added to the Let's get Tropical was dried lemon zest. There is not nearly as much lemon zest in the coffee than there is orange peel. 

The lemon zest is mixed into the coffee grounds primarily for aroma and speculated health benefits/weight loss. Too much lemon would give the coffee to much of an acidic taste. Instead, a small amount of lemon zest is mixed into the coffee grounds to give it a citrus and fresh aroma. 



The Let's Get Tropical was a ton of fun making. It was a long process to figure out the blend of coffee, orange peel, and lemon zest. 

If you hate any acidity in your coffee, the Tropical might not be the blend for you. I bet our Texian Army Brew Coffee would more up your alley.

However, If you don't mind a tad bit of acidity the Tropical is a fun coffee to try. I enjoy brewing the Let's get Tropical cold brew and serving over ice on a hot summer day. 

If you are sick at all, a warm cup of the Let's Get Tropical makes me feel a little better.


Enjoy yall,


Owner @ Whiskey Morning Coffee

Order Let's Get Tropical: REAL Flavored Coffee of the Month: Let's Get Tropical - Whiskey Morning Coffee



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