May 12, 2023


The May Coffee of the Month has a fresh twist that's refreshing for warmer mornings. The Coffee is called, "Run for the Roses" and has a taste similar to a mint julep. Whiskey Morning Coffee is only making 500 bags of the Run for the Roses blend and will no longer be for sale after May. 

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Run For The Roses

Mint and Juniper Berry Coffee

Coffee Roast:

The Run for the Roses coffee blend starts out with a Sumatran/Guatemalan coffee blend. We chose to use these coffee beans due to their low acdity and how they complement each other on a medium/light roast.

Mint Leaves:

After the coffee is roasted that's when the Run for the Roses flavor gets added. A key ingredient in a mint julep is obvious the mint leaf. We took real dried mint leaves and mixed them into the coffee grounds.

The mint gives the coffee a bit of a tea taste. When brewing you get a nice fresh taste right when the coffee hits your tongue.

Juniper Berries:

The second flavor added to the Run for the Roses was Juniper Berries. This is the only coffee we know of that has real juniper berries mixed into the coffee grounds. Juniper berries are most commonly used in distilling Gin.

The main reason the juniper berries are added to the coffee is for the aroma. When you brew your coffee it is going to have a strong, yet not overpowering, floral aroma. The floral aroma from the juniper berries brings you immediately back to a Saturday at the racetrack.



The Run for the Roses was a blast. It was a long process to figure out the blend of coffee, mint leaves, and juniper.

If you hate any type of tea, the Run for the Roses might not be the blend for you. I bet our Texian Army Brew Coffee would more up your alley.

However, If you don't mind a mint tea/coffee blend you will dig the Run for the Roses. I enjoy brewing the Run for the Roses cold brew and serving over ice on a hot summer day. 

If you are sick at all, a warm cup of the Let's Get Tropical makes me feel a little better.


Enjoy yall,


Owner @ Whiskey Morning Coffee

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