February 07, 2023

 Valentine's Gift Ideas:

With Valentines Day right around the corner, us lovers are in a frantic rush to find the perfect gift for that special someone and that can be HARD at times. Well ladies, Whiskey Morning Coffee is here to save the day!! In this article I will go over the perfect valentine's gift options we have for your man.
Now before going girl mode and exiting out of this article to jump in your car and head over to Target for a mediocre gift, stick with me and get your man a gift that will keep on giving.

Option 1 - Coffee of the Month Subscription:

At Whiskey Morning Coffee we release a limited line of coffee every month year-round!! These coffees are flavored with real ingredients and no BS. So far, we have released a Scotch/peat smoked coffee, Cinnamon/Brown Sugar coffee, Cayenne/Chicory coffee and a Candy Cane coffee with many more unique coffees on the way this is guaranteed to be a gift you can't find anywhere else.

Option 2 - Pre Paid Subscription:

Maybe you don't want to commit to a monthly subscription but want to get your Valentine a gift that keeps on giving.  The pre-paid subscription covers just that for 1 payment. Starting at as low as $45 you can have hand craft coffee sent to his door every month from 3 - 12 months. This is especially perfect for that long distance relationship, just one other reason for that special someone to think about you every morning. 
Link: Pre-Paid Subscription                 
      Texian Army 3 month prepaid subscription

Option 3 - Coffee Bundle

The Bundle option on our website is a great idea to get multiple gifts at a discounted rate. From CoffeeKeurig PodsMugs and even Apparel you can get that valentines lover a little bit of it all. This is a great option for that new fling you just started dating...... It's too soon to trust he's worth a gift that keeps on giving.

Option 4 - BUY A BAG

Let's be Honest Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts just flat-out suck, and most hand craft coffee is to fruity and acidic for your Hard-Working Blue Collard valentine to enjoy. If you are just looking for a one-time gift for your man Whiskey Morning Coffee will not disappoint and it will be sure to leave you with a gift idea for every holiday after valentine's. From the Texian Army Brew (Pecan/Cherry Smoked) to the Bourbon Barrel Aged brew and all the others in between he'll love it!  Oh, Ladies!! After our intensive Boner Research, he's sure to be ready to go all day/night after getting some coffee in his blood so this isn't just a gift for him! (We are not scientist and cannot be sure if the Boner Article is accurate)

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