January 23, 2023

un-Scientific Experiment

Does coffee help with boners? If you're a male this is probably a question you have pondered over since you were in your tweens. Here at Whiskey Morning Coffee, we decided to put together a scientific test in order to see if coffee does help with boners. 

I will note that we only drink Whiskey Morning Coffee during the study so the results may vary with inferior coffee.

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For the scientific study we had to look at all the variables and create our hypothesis.  The hypothesis is that Whiskey Morning Coffee in fact does help give you boners. We are basing our studies off the theory that coffee opens blood vessels and as a result could lead to more erections.

We knew that our colleagues would not take the study seriously if we did not have proper testing.

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The experiment was a study of two people here at Whiskey Morning Coffee. The first day, Evan and Carson, did not drink any coffee or caffeine and recorded their boners. The following day the guys drank six, 10oz, cups of coffee throughout the day and recorded their boners.


Experiment Results

Does Coffee Give you Boners? Table


Concluding Results

As you can see both Evan and Carson did have more boners when they drank coffee compared to when they didn't drink coffee. Carson especially experienced some increased results from the coffee. 

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We are not giving any medical advice or making any claims. We do not know if there are any correlations between drinking coffee and male erections.


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