May 24, 2023

Whiskey Morning Coffee and the Cowboy Artist of America have come together for a coffee and art collaboration. The inaugural bag was the Vaquero Brew that was a smoked coffee with cinnamon. In this article I will share what is the Cowboy Artist of America, Future collaborations, and what the Vaquero coffee is. 

What is the Cowboy Artist of America

What began one autumn day with five artists, flourished into an elite organization that has lasted over five decades to become one of the most influential artists’ groups in American history.

The Cowboy Artists of America have influenced the landscape of American art in ways its founders could never have imagined. The art produced by members over the years set the standard for contemporary Western realism and is represented in prestigious public and private collections around the world. A legacy spanning over fifty years has defined art markets and careers, created masterpieces and legends, enjoyed prosperity and fame, and endured criticism and controversy.

As one of the longest surviving organizations of fine art artists, the Cowboy Artists of America has secured a place in American history and look forward to a thriving future.


Whiskey Morning Coffee Colab

Whiskey Morning Coffee will be making a unique blend of coffee for 12 different designs with the Cowboy Artist of America

Each bag of coffee will feature a new artist within the group. The bag will be designed using original artwork from the artist. The goal for us as a coffee company is to match a blend of coffee that relates to the artwork created. 

Each month we release a new bag design. The coffee will be a collector's item and only 150 bags will be made of each design. Because of the demand for the cowboy artist coffee there will be a subscription option where you can be guaranteed one of the 150 bags of coffee each month.

With each bag you purchase of the Cowboy Artist of America Coffee a portion of the proceeds go back to the organization. The proceeds are used to preserve and promote our cowboy artist and heritage. 


Vaquero Brew

The Vaquero Brew is the inaugural coffee with the partnership between the Cowboy Artist of America and Whiskey Morning Coffee. 

The coffee is first smoked with pecan and cherry wood giving it the campfire on the prairie feel after a long night. After smoking the coffee cinnamon is added to the coffee grounds giving it a slight bolder taste. I mean it's cowboy coffee, it has to have a little grit to it. 

The artwork on the bag was created by John Wade Hampton. John was a member of the Cowboy Artist of America and passed away in 2000. The oil painting used on the bag is titled, "Cowboys Branding the Herd" -1989. 


If you are a Whiskey Morning Coffee fan, or have an appreciation for cowboy art, support small business and the Cowboy Artist of America and buy a bag of coffee. I promise you won't be disappointed.


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