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How to Make a Easy Pourover Coffee

Light Blue Pourover

Making coffee can be as a simple or complex as you'd like it to be. Today I will be sharing how you can use a pourover to make a great cup of coffee in minutes. 

If you are really into coffee, you might use a scale, high-end kettle, and precise grinder to brew your pour over. If this is you, this is probably not the correct article for you. 

This article is from somebody who has never used a pourover coffee maker before and wants to learn the basics on how to use it. 


Step 1: Boil Water

The first step in making a pourover coffee is to heat up you water. To boil your water you can use a standard kettle, a coffee kettle, or as I have done before run just water through your coffee pot and use that. 

When using some sort of kettle, I like to let the water come to a boil and then pull away from heat. After pulling away, let the kettle rest with no heat for 20 seconds. 

When heating water through coffee pot, do not let the water rest. When using a coffee pot to heat your water, the coffee will be cooled when all the water has gone through. 


Step 2: Place and Wet Filter in Pourover

Black Ceramic Pour Over

While you water is resting, put ceramic pourover on top of coffee mug. 

Take your filter and place in the ceramic pour over.

While my filter is in the pourover, take your hot water and pour a tablespoon of water around filter. 


Step 3: Place Coffee Grounds in Filter

It is time to take your coffee grounds and place in your filter. I like to use a tablespoon and half worth of coffee grounds for my 10-12oz cup of coffee.


Step 4: Pour Hot Water On Coffee Grounds

Pourover Bloom

Take your hot water and poor slowely on coffee grounds. Use a circular motion around the coffee grounds when pouring. 

You will see the coffee start to "bloom". The bloom just means that the coffee is expanding. Be sure to not over flow the coffee and water over your filter. 

Pour water for a bit till coffee and water get near the top of filter and let rest. Repeat this process until you have used your desired amount of water. 


Step 5: Clean Up and Enjoy. 

Take the filter out of pourover and throw away. Rince out your pourover and enjoy and great cup of Whiskey Morning Coffee. Using a pourover to make your coffee is really easy and only takes a couple minutes! 

Drip Pourover

If you are needing some pourover equipment, check out what we have on the website. We have used numerous amounts of pourover equipment, and this equipment provides the best value for making a good and easy pourover coffee.


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Winona Warner

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