Barrel Aged Single Serve Pods 24ct.

Our classic Barrel Aged Whiskey Morning Coffee in single serve pods. Barrel Aged Single Serve Pods are compatible with Keurig machines. 24 single serve pods per container.

The barrel aged single serve pods begin by aging the green coffee beans in whiskey or bourbon barrels for 2-3 months. After aging, the coffee is roasted to a medium roast and packed in the individual pods. No artificial flavoring or oil is used in the coffee.


Why Whiskey Morning Coffee single serve pods don't taste weak and old like other k-cups. 

  • Whiskey Morning Coffee Pods contain freshly roasted coffee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Jaye Marshall

Honestly thought we would have this occasionally as a special treat but it is hard not to drink every morning. So far that is exactly what we have done sense receiving it. It's just to good. Thanks Whiskey Morning!

Curtis White
Best Coffee !

best damn coffee on the market !!, don't waste your time putting crap in it like
sugar and cream drink it black !
Curtis White

Kevin Kiechler

Toured your facility. What a success story!

Stewart Powers
Love the FLAVOR

I drink this as my special coffee. I sip this throughout the morning because of the great taste. The flavor has a boldness to it that I like to keep on my taste buds for hours. Great idea to make this coffee.

Brant Butler
Great Flavor

High quality coffee with great flavor notes. It is a little weak, though. I’d prefer a bit darker/stronger.

The Coffee of Texas.

Roasted for the Common Folk