Texian Army Single Serve Pods

The pecan and cherry smoked Texian Army Brew in single serve pods. Single Serve Pods are compatible with Keurig machines. 24 single serve pods per container.

Coffee is fire roasted using pecan wood to a dark roast. After roasting, the Texian Army Brew is cold smoked with cherry wood for 8 hours. Texian Army single serve pods are roasted, smoked, and filled the same day so coffee is fresh when brewed.


Why Whiskey Morning Coffee single serve pods don't taste weak and old like other kcups. 

  • Whiskey Morning Coffee Pods contain 30% more coffee per pod.
  • Single Serve Pods have built in one way valve: allows us to pack fresh coffee.
  • True Freshness with the ONLY pod that allows same-day roasting, grinding, and filling
  • 100% recyclable pods.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Christina Samsa

Great strong coffee!! The flavor is so unique and outstanding!

Anita Salazar
Awesome coffee

This coffee so smooth and very tasty

Scotty Sullivan

Love the brews fellas…. Keep em comin

Jerri Akers
Love the flavor!

Delicious and perfectly balanced!

michael warnack

Texian Army Single Serve Pods

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