Barrel Aged Coffee

This is the original Whiskey Morning Coffee brew. First, the green coffee beans are aged in a bourbon barrel for two months. After aging, the coffee is roasted to a medium roast. You will get the bourbon aroma and taste the sweet oak flavors.

Sold in 10oz bags

There is no alcohol or artificial flavoring in this coffee.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 144 reviews
Scott Corless
Memories of hunting

The aroma sets the tone for the day. Inhale and enjoy

Jonathan Norup
Best flavored Coffee

Simple yet elegant taste ! Well paired with touch of Italian Sweet Cream

Ajay Kamath

This coffee is one of my favorites. I also combine the crack shot beans with these when I grind sometimes if I want it really strong. Combine with vanilla bean creamer and you’re in heaven. In this case, you get what you pay for.

Keep up the good work, guys!

Russell LeClaire
Great Coffee - a little pricy

Loved the coffee but price is a barrier.

Dale Weerts
Whiskey Barrel Coffee and Others

We love whiskey coffee—the flavor, smell, and taste. We also have several other coffees, and what we like best is that the ingredients are ground and added to the grounds instead of soaking the beans in a flavor. For instance, one coffee has ground coconut in it, which adds a totally different flavor. Another has ground pecans. Wow! Great idea!

The Coffee of Texas.

Roasted for the Common Folk