Barrel Aged Single Serve Pods 24ct.


Our classic Barrel Aged Whiskey Morning Coffee, now in single serve pods!

Don't worry 'bout weak and old-tasting K-Cups; Our Pods are freshly roasted, and aged for 2-3 months in whiskey or bourbon barrels.

24 single serve pods per container, perfect for Keurig machines. No artificial flavors or oils - straight up good coffee

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Judy Huebener
Love, love, love!

I LOVE the light bourbon flavor! I'm going to order again, and will be getting some to give for Christmas.

Ryan Garza
Best Coffee grounds I ever had

The common joe, crack shot, and expresso one are ok, not terrible. Though i look for quality and not quantity. That is why i only put the texican and barrel aged one as my favorites. They are unique and good in their own ways. I love having my coffee just straight from the gounds, nothing else’s add except maybe some honey. Goes great with efficiency when trying to wake up early either to get to church or the blind easily. With those two coffee grounds, i can now enjoy my coffee straight from my french press.

Mary Curl

I am giving the coffee as a gift, so I don’t know yet how they like it

Jan Mocho
Unique Coffee Treat

I love a great cup of coffee so was excited to learn of Whiskey Morning coffee. It has not disappointed!

Trevor Leeder
Not a coffee drinker

I have never been a coffee drinker until I found this coffee. This coffee has made me like coffee, it has such a unique taste that I really do love this coffee

The Coffee of Texas.

Roasted for the Common Folk