Texian Army Brew

The Texian Army Brew is a bold, dark roasted coffee. This is not a barrel aged coffee.

The Texian Army Brew begins fire roasted with Pecan wood and then finishes with a cherry wood cold smoke. Over 70% of the the Coffee Crew subscribers order the Texian Army Brew, so if you like a dark roast coffee you will enjoy the Texian Army Brew

Sold in 10oz Bags.


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Customer Reviews

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Dakota R.
Texian army

Man you can’t beat this roast. Even just when I’m brewing a pot, you can smell the aroma all around the house. That smoky flavor is like nothing else. I plan to try others but I can’t step away from old faithful. I’m getting some extra bags to send to big boys all around the US.

Stephen Palmer
Texan Army Brew

The coffee that demands attention in the morning! The aroma and taste are first rate - one might say, it's the five star general of coffee.

Jo Wester
#1 coffee

Best coffee ever!!!! Even my son who doesn’t drink coffee loves it!

Love it !!!

I order coffee from Hawaii and now I’m gonna be a regular with Whiskey Morning too.

Big Fan of Whiskey Morning Coffee

I first tried WMC at the Fort Worth Rodeo & Stock Show, Feb 2022. I immediately was impressed with their unique story and delicious coffees. After quickly finishing the bag of their Texian cherry and pecan wood smoked coffee I bought at the stock show, I ordered two more bags. They came quickly with a kind note from the WMC team.

As long as WMC keeps roasting their tasty smoked coffee beans, I’ll keep buying them. To me, the aroma and taste each morning is truly a one-of-a-kind Texas coffee flavor.

And I agree with my WMC t-shirt saying: “Don’t Austin My Texas.”

The Coffee of Texas.

Roasted for the Common Folk