Texian Army Brew (Smoked Coffee)

The Texian Army Brew is a bold, dark roasted coffee. This is not a barrel aged coffee.

The Texian Army Brew is a medium/dark roast coffee that we cold smoke in a bbq smoker for 8 hours with pecan and cherry wood.

Over 70% of the Coffee Crew subscribers order the Texian Army Brew, so if you like a dark roast coffee you will enjoy the Texian Army Brew

Sold in 10oz Bags.


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Customer Reviews

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Andy Waynick
Two in a row

For my second order, I reordered the whiskey barrel aged, and also ordered for the first time the Texian Army coffee. Both are good. These coffees are very smooth, so much so that you might want to brew them a bit stronger than some other coffees, depending on your taste in coffee, of course. Both are very good. No bitter bite. If you have typically bought major supermarket brand coffee and try one of these coffees, you will not want to go back to the supermarket swill again. And if you are one of those poor delusional Charbucks drinkers, try one of these two coffees and discover what really good coffee tastes like.

Luis Barrera
Best coffee ever!

Straight up a 10/10 I look forward to drinking this everyday for the rest of my life.

Eli Barasa
10/10 would drink again

Good morning brew to sip on through the morning

Savor the Flavor

The depth of smoky flavor of the Texian Army Brew is just wonderful. I shared some with my husband who said, "Woah. That's really good coffee." I've given some away to other Texas-loving coffee drinkers, and will be getting more for myself! Thanks, Whiskey Morning crew! God bless y'all, and God bless Texas.

Guy Ables

I tried a sample at the San Antonio livestock show. I was surprised about how good it was. Highly recommend.

The Coffee of Texas.

Roasted for the Common Folk