Texian Army Brew

The Texian Army Brew is a bold, dark roasted coffee. This is not a barrel aged coffee.

The Texian Army Brew begins fire roasted with Pecan wood and then finishes with a cherry wood cold smoke. Over 70% of the the Coffee Crew subscribers order the Texian Army Brew, so if you like a dark roast coffee you will enjoy the Texian Army Brew

Sold in 10oz Bags.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Scott Mooney
Best brew ever!

If you enjoy a truly rich cup of coffee with a unique flavor, that will absolutely fill your home with an aroma that is heavenly look no further! I was pleased to trip on this company‘s kiosk at the Texas state fair. Fortunately a sample was out that I tried. I took two bags home that day, and since have ordered more. I plan on giving bags of this coffee to coffee loving friends for Christmas. Do yourself a favor and try it!

Shawn Lewis
Excellent product!!!

Love how smooth this coffee is...I grind it fresh every morning and don't even have to put any creme or sweetener in it...it's as smooth as silk!

Rebecca Williams
Awesome coffee

I would never have thought coffee could be so good as the coffee roasted with pecan and cherry wood. It is smooth and flavorful! Thank you!

Angel Jenkins
Deserving of the Texan name!

I’m a coffee snob & when I stumbled upon Whiskey Morning Coffee at a date night farmers market, I was impressed at the flavor, aroma and lack of bitter aftertaste. We bought two bags and I simply had to buy more! Thank goodness they have a subscription available so I don’t ever have to worry about running out!

Rolando Ramirez Jr.
Superb flavorful coffee

Must try the aroma will lure you in….. the taste will be the hook!

The Coffee of Texas.

Roasted for the Common Folk