Texian Army Brew

The Texian Army Brew is a bold, dark roasted coffee. This is not a barrel aged coffee.

The Texian Army Brew begins fire roasted with Pecan wood and then finishes with a cherry wood cold smoke. Over 70% of the the Coffee Crew subscribers order the Texian Army Brew, so if you like a dark roast coffee you will enjoy the Texian Army Brew

Sold in 10oz Bags.


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Customer Reviews

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Doc Rico
Great Coffee and great Company!

Met some of the Whiskey Morning crew at a local gun show and purchased some Texian Army Coffee. Liked it so much I ordered more! I am glad to support businesses in my great state of Texas. Great Job Whiskey Morning!

Sydney F

So good and full of flavor. 10/10 do recommend


So yesterday My husband took me to a gun show in Mesquite. I found this little coffee company. Tried the 2 blends Texas Army Brew & Whiskey Morning, both were amazing. They don’t have a Facebook page to share but I just have to share this. It really is a small company that deserves a big recognition!! The Texas Army Blend is so smooth and the taste is amazing. Knowing the coffee snob I am y’all know it has to be good. The flavors blend so well that one doesn’t over power the other. Please my coffee lovers make them famous!!!!!


This is like campfire in a cup!! Its nice and smokey and absolutely delicious!

The Best Coffee

Robust, deep, and smooth. Most accurate description for a full bodied coffee but that doesn't give a hint of bitterness. I try new coffees frequently but always have a bag of Texian beans as my reliable source of caffeine

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Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee
Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee
Specialty Coffee aged in Bourbon Barrels

Barrel Aged Coffee


This is our classic barrel aged coffee. Whiskey Morning Coffee takes fresh whiskey and bourbon barrels and age high quality coffee beans in them. Each barrel produces a unique batch of coffee with a bourbon armoa and sweet oak tones.

Sold in 10oz bags

There is no alcohol or artificial flavoring in this coffee.



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