Barrel Aged Coffee

This is the original Whiskey Morning Coffee brew. First, the green coffee beans are aged in a bourbon barrel for two months. After aging, the coffee is roasted to a medium roast. You will get the bourbon aroma and taste the sweet oak flavors.

Sold in 10oz bags

There is no alcohol or artificial flavoring in this coffee.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Morgan Jerry
If only this coffee had been in my life sooner!

This coffee is DELICIOUS! I don't know how we tolerated coffee before Whiskey Morning Coffee??? The aroma from the bag of beans will have you scrambling to grind them and make a cup as fast as you can!

Michelle Westberry

We mix the crack shot and barrel aged coffee together and it is amazing!!!

Courage Burks
Amazing!!!!!!! This stuff is so good!

this coffee is so good the best i have had you can really taste the smoking process its so good definitely get it.

Patsy Villarreal

Barrel Aged Coffee

Kelley Mathis
Great coffee

I love the taste and smell of this amazing coffee! It has a hint of whiskey that compliments the coffee and does not overwhelm it. It is definitely my favorite coffee.

The Coffee of Texas.

Roasted for the Common Folk