Sample Pack

Not Sure which Coffee to try? Get 3oz of each of the brew.  Sample Pack includes 5 bags of the most popular brews. 


-3oz Barrel Aged Coffee

-3oz Texian Army Smoked Coffee

-3oz Crack Shot Double Caffeine Coffee

-3oz Common Joe Coffee

-3oz White Buffalo Espresso


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Brett Buss
Great Coffee

Truly the best coffee I've had, bought the sample pack because there were so many great flavors to choose from and thought the sample pack would be a great way to try to pick our favorite. I can say there was not a flavor blend that we did not like, making it difficult to pick a favorite. Definitely recommend Whiskey Morning Coffee to anyone looking for a different coffee to start there day. Thanks Whiskey Morning Coffee for such a great coffee, hooked for life!

Definitely buying more

The coffee is really good, I’ve had a good amount of coffee in my life. Whiskey morning is delicious, silky and full flavor coffee. 10/10

Edward Esberger

“Don’t Austin My Texas” sold me. Then the coffee arrived and i love them all.

Stephen Palmer
Sample Pack

I thoroughly enjoyed trying the different blends. Each one was delicious. I would recommend buying the sample pack as it is a great way to find the best blend for yourself. My favs were the Texian Army Brew and Barrel Aged Coffee.

Jessica Hyde

We are wild about your coffee! The only one we are not thrilled about was the Whiskey one. Something about it didn’t agree with our chemistry. Otherwise it’s hard to decide which we like more. We love the Texican, Crackshot and Common Joe! White Buffalo was great too. The flavors are robust and satisfying. The caffeine ride feels good. We are hooked.

The Coffee of Texas.

Roasted for the Common Folk