REAL Flavored Coffee of the Month (Sage & Honeysuckle)

This subscription-only option sends you a new, unique flavor each month.

You can adjust or cancel your subscription any time. Our coffee is crafted with real, dehydrated ingredients, never any artificial flavorings or oils.

Only 500 bags of each flavor are produced. Coffee is solely ground due to the mix-in of real ingredients.

Coffee can be brewed using any methods, though French press or a percolator are recommended.



Sage Sunset (Sage & Honeysuckle)

This is a great everyday coffee. The ground up sage gives the coffee an earthy taste while the pinch of honeysuckle brings it all together.

Coffee Flavor: Sage

Coffee Aroma: Earthy



Customer Reviews

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Brad Pfingston

REAL Flavored Coffee of the Month (Sage & Honeysuckle)

todd heaton
just ok

not a fava don't thank I will wake up and pick it love the smell and aroma while brewing . thanks for asking
Todd Heaton

Dennis Brown
Nice combination, coffee and beer.

It is great that a willingness to experiment and share many different coffee combinations exists with the boys at Whiskey Morning Coffee. Experiment on!

Nick Ulmen

We love this Brand. Everything about it is great. We do have the monthly subscription, but every time we see them at a pop-up event, we buy more. We have met a couple of the guys so far, and super nice dudes. So nice to support a small business that cares about their product so much. The coconut has been our fave so far. From stickers to shirts to the coffee, it all rocks.

C. Davis
Morning Brewski

I was hesitant when Whiskey Morning Coffee sent the e-mail saying I could request a different option if I didn't want the new flavor of the month. Every one I have tried has been good, so I trusted the experts on this one also. Different, yes. Unexpected and well-balanced, they put a lot of thought into their product and I appreciate they send something interesting every month. Subscribe to REAL Flavored Coffee of the Month and enjoy the ride.

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