Gringos Cafe De Olla (brown sugar & cinnamon)

 Gringos Cafe De Olla is flying off shelves faster than you can say "Muy Rapido!"– and with good reason!

Thanks to its trio of bold ingredients– coffee, brown sugar and cinnamon– your taste buds will be all about it.

The Gringos is unlike anything you've tried before. No "natural" stuff or fakery here, just the real stuff: brown sugar and cinnamon ground up into the coffee.



Customer Reviews

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Carl Cathey
Best coffee and best service!

I really love the flavor of Gringos Cafe De Olla and the professional service from Whiskey Morning Coffee. A great way to start an early morning each and every day!

sam emerick
this is not a horrible coffee, but I've had better cinnamon, just quite perfected yet; keep trying

just OK

Brian S
Great change of pace coffee

This flavor is one of our favorites. Sometimes we get tired of the same old black coffee. Here is where this great tasting coffee comes in. And we love that its all real ingredients and not chemical flavors. The house smells amazing too.

Misty Ralls
I needed this

I had been trying to add less sweeteners and syrups to my morning coffee routine and the Gringos Cafe De Olla is just what i needed. The coffee is delicous and flavorful with just enough sweetness all by itself. I cut my syrups adn sugar in half at first and now and I am almost drinking my Gringos Cafe De Olla morning coffee black with just a little cream.

Carrie Lanier
Great taste

This coffee has a delicious, rich flavor! They consistently have terrific coffees!

The Coffee of Texas.

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