Crack Shot Coffee


Savor the Caffeine Surge with Caution.

Experience the power of the Crack Shot Coffee: a double-caffeinated medium/dark roast that packs a punch! When developing this blend, we focused on extracting maximum caffeine levels from the beans while refining the taste for your pleasure.

For us here at Whiskey Morning Coffee, this is one of our all-time favorites. So if you love a good brew that'll get you going for the day with just two cups, Crack Shot Coffee is your go-to!

Each 10oz bag is packed with intense flavor!



Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Annie George The Adventure Challenge

This coffee is so smooth and flavorful! Best coffee I have had in a long time!

Cassie Herrera
Best coffee ever!

My husband loves whiskey morning, he even went to a French press to get the full effect of the crack shot blend. 😂

Ajay Kamath
Very satisfied

My method may be a bit unorthodox. I combine the beans of crack shot with the bourbon barrel-aged beans from this company. After grounding, I mix in a couple of pods of Starbucks Vanilla and brew. Pair the coffee with Vanilla Bean creamer and no added sugar, it is simply perfection.

Barb Parks
Crack shot Coffee. Get more things done!

Crack shot Coffee is the absolute best!
It gives that extra kick with out the jitters or that awful bitter taste you get from most “ extra caffeine” coffee!
I will absolutely continue to buy your coffee for as long as you will let me!!

Craving Crackshot!

Whitney Linder
Crack shot- coffee means business

Love love love this coffee! It really does give you lots of energy, highly caffeinated! I highly recommend ONLY drinking one full cup of this coffee if you do not want to get the shakes. I do a one and done with this coffee and I absolutely LOVE it! Great taste, not as great tasting as the whiskey barrel coffee but still very tasty. Highly recommend.

The Coffee of Texas.

Roasted for the Common Folk