May 23, 2022

What up yall, 

We are going to talk about the different types of wood you can use to smoke coffee beans. Along with the type of wood your will also learn how long to smoke and the flavors you should pick up. 

If you want to learn more on how to actually smoke the coffee go read out article: How To Smoke Coffee Beans.

Smoked Coffee

Pecan and Cherry Smoked Coffee. 

Pecan And Cherry smoked coffee is our signature smoke. The Texian Army Brew is this coffee. the pecan wood brings out slight notes of BBQ but not overpowering. The Cherry wood adds a slight tangy note that helps balance out the dark roast coffee beans. 

  • Smoke for 6-8 Hours (60lb batch)
  • Prefer fine wood chips for cherry wood, Medium/fine chips for pecan wood
  • Coffee Origin: Central America
  • Coffee Roast: Medium/Dark
  • Flavor: Slight BBQ


100% Fruit Wood

Fruit wood sounds really good. You might think you will get the actual fruit tones come out in the coffee. With our experience that is not true. When using fruit wood, the tangy acidic flavors are most present. I could see using a 100% fruit wood to smoke your coffee if you are using a blonde African bean. The fruit pairing might be nice if you are blending with the natural characteristics of a Ethiopian or Kenyan blonde roast.

  • Smoke for 6-8 Hours (60lb batch)
  • Fine wood chips
  • Coffee Origin: Africa
  • Coffee Roast: Blonde
  • Flavor: Tangy/Orange


Hickory/ Mesquite Wood

If you want you coffee to smell like the BBQ smoker on the 4th of July this is your wood of choice. Hickory and mesquite wood will give you the strongest smoke flavor of all the woods we have tried. For the general public it can be a little most. For dudes like us though, that smoke about everything, we really like it. You will want to adjust the time smoked to your taste.

  • Smoke for 6-8 hours for heavy taste (60lb batch)
  • Wood Chunks
  • Coffee Origin: Indonesia 
  • Coffee Roast: Medium
  • Flavor: BBQ, Thick


Whiskey/Bourbon Barrels. 

Smoking your coffee with a used whiskey or bourbon barrel is pretty fun. The barrels are generally White Oak. The oak wood is going to be a similar smoke to the pecan wood. smoking with a old barrel will give you a medium smoke on your beans. The bourbon/whiskey side of the wood doesn't come through as much on the taste but comes through good on the aroma.

  • Smoke for 4-5 Hours
  • Medium wood chips
  • Coffee Origin: Central America
  • Coffee Roast: Medium
  • Flavor: light smoke, sweet whiskey aroma


Peat Moss

Using Peat to smoke your coffee is my favorite. Peat is a moss/decayed material that is used in Ireland and Scotland instead of wood. If you drink scotch, you know the distinct flavor you get when using peat. 

  • Smoke for 3-4 hours
  • Smoke whole log
  • Coffee Origin: Brazil
  • Coffee Roas: Medium/Dark
  • Flavor: Tobacco



I hope this article helped and you already have your smokers rolling. 

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