January 16, 2020

Whiskey Morning Coffee has a legacy over 80 years old. in this article I will start from the beginning with Dub Sledge a WW2 moonshiner, the family/friend history here in Granbury, Texas, WMC developing from a college project, and lastly the vision for Whiskey Morning Coffee. 

WW2 Moonshing

Dub Sledge is Evan Sledge's (one of the owners) grandad. Dub Sledge grew up in the Fall Creek community here in Hood County. Dub was one of the oldest siblings, so growing up Dub was the laborers while the uncles were making moonshine in Fall Creek. When Dub was 18 years old he was drafted for WW2. Dub became an Airforce Radio Operator in Papa New Guinea and the Philippians. During the war Dub began using his history of moonshing in Fall Creek to make spirits during the war and sell it around the South Pacific. Dub became well known for his spirits during the war and made more money than he had ever imagined. 

After the war Dub came home and married Kathy Massey. Kathy told Dub, that she would not marry him if he drank. From that point on Dub never distilled or drank alcohol again. However, when Dub talked about the war it was always the good stories associated with making spirits and learning new techniques from other soldiers. 

When Dub died in 2008, Mark Sledge (Dub's Son) received Dubs war chest. In the war chest was all the stories and recipes that Dub had shared from the war. Mark began using his dads recipes to make spirits and started Sledge Distillery in Tolar, Texas. 

A Rich History in Hood County

All of the founders of Whiskey Morning Coffee have a rich hsitory here in Hood County. Three of the five founders parents were friends in high school so Evan, Josh, and Carson have grown up together since they were 5 years old. The other two founders Clay and TJ have been friends since elementary school. The original 5 founders have been together and running businesses since they were 15 years old. The first business the boys put together was a landscaping company. Senior year of high school the boys started their second business, guiding duck hunts in Granbury, Alaska, and Montana.


The Birth of Whiskey Morning Coffee

It was 2018 and during a TCU class project we had to start a business. The team came up with $300 of hard earned cash. Needless to say, we had to look at what resources we had available. Having a family distillery and an expertise in making whiskey the team began making coffee how they liked it, aged in whiskey barrels. For the whole year the team focused on making the best, natural, barrel aged coffee. The slogan for Whiskey Morning Coffee was, "Beans + Barrels. No Bullshit." WMC wanted to create a product that just like our whiskey was handcrafted and all natural.

After graduation, the original team that had already been in the landscaping and guiding business got back together and went full time Whiskey Morning Coffee. We had perfected the barrel aged coffee and people loved it! We started to notice that Whiskey Morning Coffee is not a niche barrel aged coffee company. Whiskey Morning Coffee became a coffee for the ordinary person who still valued local, small batch craftmanship. Whiskey Morning Coffee expanded from barrel aged coffee to develop the Texian Army Brew and one of the first spiked cold brews. 

The Texian Army Brew was developed over a year of listening to customer feedback. Whiskey Morning Coffee found was that the people wanted a fire roasted, dark, badass drip coffee. Well we took this advice and started experimenting with beans from over 22 different places in the world. After finding the right beans we found that fire roasting with pecan wood and cold smoking the coffee with cherry wood made a truly unique brew that is specifically purposed for drip coffee. 


Whiskey Morning Coffee Vision

WMC's vision it to always be, "The Coffee of Texas. The Coffee of the People".

WMC's purpose is to always be the coffee for the ordinary guy or gal that sometimes gets overlooked by other coffee companies. The team here at Whiskey Morning Coffee is five ordinary dudes. The ordinary people are the back bone of America. WMC strives to provide hand crafted coffee that fuels you, the one who gets up every morning and makes a difference in the world. We value you and your story and hope we are able to relate with our brews.


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