About Whiskey Morning Coffee

Whiskey Morning Coffee Team

Whiskey Morning Coffee was created by childhood friends who wanted to have fun making coffee for the common folk. 

What started as a TCU class project in 2018 has turned into a coffee company in Tolar, Texas. Whiskey Morning Coffee has provided a community of regular folks who want a great cup of coffee with out the sour, fruity flavors. 

The Coffee of Texas.     
The Coffee of the people.

GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT.                 Whiskey Morning Coffee understands that people want fresh, high quality coffee from an authentic brand of hard working folks. As WMC continues to grow we will stay committed to providing the small batch craftmanship you are accustomed to.

What Makes us Different

Fire Roasted Coffee

Whiskey Morning Coffee uses a custom open flame coffee roaster. Roasting coffee open flame adds a whole level of flavors that you miss with your typical commercial coffee roaster.

Small Batch Coffee Roaster

Being a small batch coffee roaster WMC is able to provide fresh coffee to your doorstep each order. No need to go to the supermarket and get 6-8 month old coffee. Let Whiskey Morning Coffee provide next or two day roasted coffee for you.

Don't Austin My Texas

Not everybody wants a light roast, acidic, sour tasting coffee.

Don't Austin Our Texas. A lot of us just want a damn good classic brew and maybe some barrel aged and pecan smoked coffee to switch it up as well.

3 Generations of Distillers

Whiskey Morning Coffee comes from a family history of distilling spirits. Dub Sledge was a WW2 moonshiner. Dubs son, Mark, took the his recipe and operates Sledge Distillery. Marks son, Evan, Took what he learned aging whiskey and started aging coffee beans in the family whiskey/bourbon barrels. 

WMC's Barrel Aged Coffee has no artificial flavorings. its pretty simple: Whiskey + Coffee. Nuff' Said. 

Hit Us Up

General Inquiry: info@whiskeymorningcoffee.com
Wholesale: carson@whiskeymorningcoffee.com

Smoked Coffee 5 Pound Bag
Smoked Coffee 5 Pound Bag
dark roast espresso 5 pound bag
barrel aged coffee 5 pound bag
5 pound bag of decaf coffee

5 Pound Coffee bags (Wholesale Pricing Sale)

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee
Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee
Specialty Coffee aged in Bourbon Barrels

Barrel Aged Coffee

Barrel Aged Decaf
Barrel Aged Decaf
Single Origin Columbian Decaf
whiskey flavored decaf
barrel aged columbian decaf

Barrel Aged Decaf

barrel aged coffee k cups
barrel aged coffee k cups
whiskey infused k cups
Barrel aged coffee single serve pods
bourbon barrel aged pods

Barrel Aged Single Serve Pods